What to give when you do not know what to give at Christmas

These parties fill me with stress, because at school, at the office and at home, there is always a gift exchange and I never know what to give. That's why I resort to classic classics, but beware, design is power. If you are going to give away any of these objects find the most beautiful, most functional and also wrap it in an elegant way, that will give points to your gift.

1. Gloves.

Applies for both men and women, choose some not so conventional design that are with all kinds of clothing.

2. Cover for tablet.

Everyone needs one, it is a perfect gift for those who own such a device. Choose one that allows you to keep other things in it, like this one.

3. A camera for technology lovers.

We all have known lovers of technology and photos, here you have an excellent option.

4. A hat.

Whether you have touched a woman or a man, the hats are unisex.

5. A cell phone case

Choose a fun, original and creative. How is it?

6. Hearing aids.

They never hurt, we all love listening to music.

7. Bag.

Men can also be given handbags. There are some specially made for them, and believe me, they will serve you immensely.

8. Heaters.

It looks good to everyone and also keeps you warm this season. Choose some with beautiful designs.

9. Leggings.

Women love Leggings, they also have the advantage of being a woman.

10. Cookies

You can prepare them at home and wrap them in an elegant way, or you can buy them.

11. Socks.

A super soft socks and fluffy socks will make anyone smile.

12. Belt

A black, brown, or white belt is the best option. There are never too many in the cloakrooms.

13. Nail kit.

You can fill a bottle with files, enamels, decals, acetone, cotton, nail clippers and utensils for decoration.

14. Hair straps.

I do not know about you but you always get lost magically, and even if you have 20 in your repertoire, in a few weeks it ends up being 2, so you could make a kit of hair accessories.

15. Bottle of wine.

A good bottle of wine will always be appreciated.

16. Chocolates

If you're going to give away chocolates, make the presentation beautiful.

17. Scarf.

Choose a wide and long, that makes it more versatile.

18. Pajamas.

Do not reward boring pajamas, it's better a fun one.

19. Slippers.

Slippers are the perfect gift, choose some nice but above all comfortable.

20. Mouse Pad.

My hands always end up frozen because they are on the computer, so gifts are accepted. : P

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