10 Realistic purposes you should do this year

Every year our list of purposes seems like an endless parchment, and we certainly do not fulfill the first 3. If you are tired of not fulfilling what you promise, we have for you some quite realistic purposes that you should promise this year, because they are very they will also benefit you.

1. Drink more water.

Many people have not tasted the water in months, they only drink soda. Give your body a hand and hydrate it with simple water, a liter or two will make you feel a thousand times better. Try it!

2. Stop making excuses.

If someone invites you to go out, asks for help, etc., do not make excuses to get rid of things, better do them. I promise that the experiences you get from it will enrich your life.

3. Stop insulting people of your own sex.

As women, every time we see a beautiful, liberal and extroverted woman, we immediately label her in a negative way. Let's not do that, let's defend ourselves among ourselves.

4. Help a needy.

Whether giving money to a homeless person, a snack to someone on the street, rescuing an animal in need, etc., your world will open and your soul will grow.

5. Talk to more people in person than online.

We have 3456 friends on Facebook, but we do not speak with 10%, and we only see two or three in person, make the purpose of changing that.

6. Read

The recommended thing is a book a month, make the purpose of reading at least half, you will see how satisfying it is.

7. Do not be unfaithful.

Sometimes we think that this is impossible, however if you avoid doing it you will not hurt people and will bring you closer and closer to the right person.

8. Eat healthier.

Maybe not a diet as such, we always end up breaking them, but put in your regular diet more vegetables and fruits, you will feel the change immediately.

9. Tell my parents that I love them.

Life can change in an instant, do not regret this kind of thing, even if they do not tell you, try it, you will see how the attitude of your loved ones is modified for the better.

10. Learn something new.

Whether it's a language, playing an instrument, some craft, a cooking recipe, etc.