20 Romantic poses they can do on their wedding day

The day of your wedding will be an unforgettable day, and it will be even more if you manage to have a photo with one of these poses. They are simply ideas to make everything even more special. I hope you like it!

Ask your photographer beforehand if he can achieve these beautiful shots.

Reading their vows without seeing each other before entering the church.

Ask someone to blow bubbles. It will look like a fairy tale.

Starting a new story.

The last seconds before joining forever in life.

Pass the groom to the room where the bride is blindfolded.

He loading you.

My favorite.

That moment when the groom sees you dressed in white for the first time.

A beautiful idea to remember the moment inside the church.

If your dress has a neckline on the back, do not miss the opportunity to make this sexy pose.


Remembering that passion will always be there.


He makes a heart with his hands while he takes you by the waist.

Movie kiss.

Nice and funny idea.

Very natural and romantic at the same time.

A photo to remind you of your bouquet and how your rings looked that day.

Together forever.

I even wanted to get married, I'm going to look for my man.

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