13 Problems that every woman who measures more than 1.75 can understand

Being a tall girl in a society where most people are smaller than you is sometimes uncomfortable. In fact, although people always tell us that we have many advantages, the truth is that there are too many disadvantages that you can not even imagine.

Next I will mention some problems, even phrases, that we are tired of listening to. I know that many will understand me.

P.D: Some apply more to girls who are above 1.80.

1. As a child, did you play basketball?

Amm ... no, I'm simply tall for my genes.

2. You need to stand 3 meters behind in a mirror to be able to see you full body.

It is super awkward to do this in store locker rooms, since sometimes there is not so much space.

2. Haven't you thought about being a model?

If they gave me a coin for so many times that I have heard different people say this phrase, today I would be a millionaire.

3. You who are tall, pass me that object that I did not reach.

You become the official "object passer" of short people.

4. If you put on heels the first sentence they will say is: "You look huge".

I don't know if it's a compliment or they are telling me that I look like Godzilla.

5. Can you bend down a bit so you do not get cut in the photo?

It is not that we are cruel, but the first thing that comes to mind when they say this phrase is: "It is not my fault that you are dwarfs".

6. All the time you think about how you would look with that boy you like, but he is shorter than you.

The first thought that comes to mind is: "Never in my life would I ever wear heels to go to any event."

7. In order to paint your toenails, you become a contortionist.

We already have our techniques and we can bend the legs like no other woman.

8. It is uncomfortable to get in the back seat of a sports car or a bus.

We are very embarrassed to ask the passenger in front to make his seat forward. If we go by bus, we have no choice but to hurt our knees.

9. "Hey, you can move a little, it's that you will not let me see."

AMM not.

10. We were never able to cross our legs well in the classroom pews.

It was simply impossible.

11. It is impossible to find maxivestids that reach the ground.

It's really, I've never found one that reaches me to the ground, they all reach me above the ankle and I do not like what they look like.

12. It is difficult to find shoes of your size.

Many tall women have a great foot that at least fits 6.5 or even 7. This is horrible, since the design of the shoe changes a lot when it is larger.

13. They always think that we are clumsy.

Because of our height people always think we are clumsy, but it is not so.

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