6 Nefarious things that happen when they force you to live with children

I love children, I love to play with them and make them laugh, but I have to say that sometimes it shocks me to do some things. The worst part is that sometimes dads force children to be "affectionate" with you, but that results in a really uncomfortable moment.

1- "Go and give him a kiss".

Yes, they are beautiful and beautiful. Obviously I love kisses, but it would be a good idea to clean them up a bit before they send them to kiss. I just see them approach and I try not to notice my "Eww" face.

2- "Chácalas with him".

I really do not want to hit her and I can assure you that the poor boy does not either! The worst of all is that the child still does not learn well to do his grace, and there you have me half an hour with the hand raised waiting for him to do it.

3-Let the adult speak for the child.

This besides that it hits me, it makes me a little ridiculous. "Tell the boy if he gives you a chip." Neither the child is asking, nor I am offering it. When he asks for it, I give it to him.

4-Tell the boy to play with you.

Is seriously? I'm 20 years older than him! Do I really have to pretend to play soccer with him? The worst part is that you are in front of everyone and you can not tell them no.

5- "I hope it does not bother you, it's that I have to change the diaper to the child".

From the moment they tell you that, they force you to stay in the place, otherwise they'll think you're disgusted by the child. As soon as you get the first wake of the bad smell, you want to run away but it's too late. It does not bother me, but it would not be bad if they changed it away from society.

6 - Ask indiscreet things in front of everyone.

Fortunately that did not happen to me, but I was once present when a girl asked in front of everyone: Mommy, because that girl has 6 booties? Hahaha I promise you that I'm still laughing.

7- That the children arrive and tell me "I'm almost your size".

This always happens to me, especially with children who are a little bigger. I have to accept that I'm not tall, and I think that's why it bothers me too much, because they're right. But it shocks me that they have to "show it off" and say it in front of everyone, and if they see me 5 days a week, the 5 days go and they measure themselves with me.

Before I misinterpret I want to say that I LOVE CHILDREN I want to have like 20 children! Well, I exaggerated, but the truth is that I love them. But neither you nor I can deny that sometimes these things bother.

Share if you have felt uncomfortable with any.

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