20 Things I hate about traveling by public transport. I need a car!

I am fully aware that every time there are more cars polluting, that gas is expensive, that you have to pay for parking, give a tip to the "comes", pay the service and all other expenses that may arise from having a car, but You know what? I pay it!

In truth, I do not know about you, but every day I hate more traveling by subway (or any other public transport) and I will tell you why:

1. It is not enough to have to leave early to get punctual to classes or work, you also have to contemplate the 20 minutes it can take you to get on the subway (the trucks can be a little less because you're hanging like a changuito) .

2. The "25 successes of the moment" are constantly being uploaded to EVERY volume while you go to sleep pleasantly.

3. There are times of the day when any transport you use reaches its peak of humanity smell, and if you already touched that the side you smell the armpit, well no way, you hold until you touch you get off .

4. You are not safe anywhere! In the section of women they push you, they shout at you or they crush you, and in the men's you earn your seat viciously and from time to time they even give you leanings. Iugh!

5. In hot season you do not need to diet, since for each trip you do, you lose as much as 3 kilos for sweating, (especially in the subway).

6. I hate having to wait 20 minutes between station and station when they are peak hours. If you go stop is death and if you sit up to your bottom they hurt.

7. You can not fix a little bit because you "suck" all the way.

8. You have to become a super athlete to be able to climb the stairs in a hurry, balance when there is no where to grab you and especially be super flexible to go through the mini spaces between people and reach the door down .

9. In the mornings people dare to go away having breakfast their atole and their tamale cake on the way.

10. The lines are eternal to recharge cards or buy tickets. Really, eternal. Have you ever seen the row that is made in the Copilco metro?

11. The worst of all things is that it is very common that when you arrive at your home you realize that they took your cell phone or wallet without realizing it. Courage to its fullest expression!

12. If the driver of the truck is throwing races, forget about going down in the street where you have to go down.

13. It is typical for you to have a fight between ladies ... thinking about it, this point is not so annoying, in fact it is very funny to see them as they take their most cruel insults among them.

14. Why do people feel at home? They do everything! One day I think I'll meet someone who is taking a bath or something (it's really serious).

15. The Mexico City subway when it rains turns into an extreme water park.

16. It strikes me that you always meet celebrities and you can never ask them for a souvenir photo. OK no.

17. People who could win an Oscar because of their ease of acting to make us believe that they are "asleep" and thus not give the seat to an old man.

18. And it will sound cruel, but in the subway of the city it is very common that people get involved wanting to commit suicide and because of them, all the others we arrive 2 hours late to our work. To my bad luck, it has happened twice.

19. Every day 28 (St. Jude's Day) the subway becomes a truly dangerous place. I would not like to say it but no one can hide that there are many pseudo-faiths who go on drugging, drinking and insulting you in all the subway stations. I know that this has happened to many women.

20. And what to say about that magical day when you arrive and you find that super Hipster day in which everyone goes alone with their underwear Uncomfortable!

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