8 Reasons why I love that my best friend is GAY

Relationships between girls can be very complicated, so a person who meets all the requirements of a best friend, but far from envying your boyfriend is the first to show off, is the best that can happen.

That's why I'll tell you some reasons why I love that my best friend is gay:

1. He will always tell me the truth.

Although I may have a sensitive side a bit more developed than heterosexual men, I will never be like a girl, so do not tell me pious lies about my look or those extra pounds. If I want to know how the world perceives me, I can always go to him.

2. Accompanies me shopping.

Those days of going alone to look for clothes do not exist! What's more, sometimes it's me who ends up bored waiting for it every time we go shopping for clothes.

3. Always have ideas for my new look.

She always tells me that I am the Barbie that she never had and loves to see my super produced version with eyelashes, makeup and the color of the season. I have gone through blonde, brown, limp and Chinese. When it's good (hahaha) it helps me with the masks or dyes and at least it helps me with the aesthetics and advises me while experimenting with my look.

4. I do not have to loan him my clothes.

Admit it, just like me, you also hate that your friends ask for your most father blouse or new shoes that you have barely used once. But let me tell you that a gay friend will never ask you for a dress. Well, at least for a costume party, which will surely look even more feminine than you.

5. I have company "Rosa".

And is that whenever a new romantic movie or I want to go to a pop concert, getting my boyfriend with me is super difficult, so a friend who likes the same things that I'm the best.

6. I can tell you EVERYTHING.

Even details that I do not admit with my best friends, I tell him without hesitation. The plus? It brings a male point of view.

7. Sleep together.

My parents do not worry because I stay at home, it even makes them feel more secure that he accompanies me everywhere and takes care of me. The best thing is that we can sleep until embraced without fear of anything happening.

8. The holidays.

I can wear a short dress without fear of being overdone. All night long the pop songs are fashionable and everyone is cheerful and they dance. If you've never met a gay club, you do not know what a good party is.

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