23 People that make me want to tear my eyes

Internet is a place where we can find dozens of people that do not necessarily make this world a better place. A clear example are these people who are definitely not making a better world, but a lot more fun for us.

My goal in love.

Let's be clear, it does not "asepta" fans of the Gaga.

The lost Kardashian.

Look nothing else what this "werita" thinks ...

Bread! I hope it was clear to you.

Then why there are accidents.

I know several women who also feel the doubles of many famous.

Your SWAG has no limits.

His "setsi" face killed me.

Mother of Fotoshok.

Dads who do not understand how Facebook works

The Komander provoking mixed feelings since time immemorial.

The intention is what counts.

No comment…

I'm seriously tempted to send you invox.

At least you can be sure that there are no 2 wedding photos equal to theirs.

"The envious ones will say it's the puddle on the corner of my house."


You and me muddying the ice cream like that, I do not know ... think about it.

"I'm about to die, but first I'll take a selfie."

Of those times that you do not have a peso for a gift and it occurs to you to give yourself.

"Al gyn was going to train, not sabrosearme".

But hey, above all things do not forget that:

Video: Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry Lyrics (April 2020).