Things I need to cope with this life that I had to live

Life is not always pink, it has its dark moments and it is just in those moments when I need each and every one of these things. Surely they make my load lighter or at least I forget for a moment.

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Goodbye to the typical problem of not knowing where to leave your cell phone. Now any tube (or something like it) will work for you.

Grrr! Underwear to get the beast inside.

Wild, sexy and charming. This ring has it all.

For movie lovers.

Sometimes you need to signal life.

Ufff! I'm dying to go out with one of these.

To forget everything while listening to music in the bathroom.

I would never release it, I would live clinging to my arms.

I need this beautiful and sensual pareo. So it will be impossible not to feel sexy on the beach.

To go sleeping soundly in the damn truck.

In itself I do not stop eating cookies, now with this dish less.

They have finally thought of me!

I doubt that one day I can have a diamond, so I will make mine and drink them.

For true fans.

To show your guests to the world.

What I love most in life. Together finally.

When life stinks, hug your poop-shaped pillow.

I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it!

I would not only use it on Halloween.

The sweatshirt that will never leave you alone.

I will finally be a unicorn.

That way no one can eat my only joy in life.

Had they seen such a beautiful lipstick?

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