20 types of women who could never be my friends

Not that I am a perfect girl, but I am very clear who I am and what my principles are. Obviously many years went by so I could be clear about them, and I had to meet many people who helped me understand that there are women I can't be friends with simply because we don't have anything in common.

If you can't have these kind of girls as friends, please be my friend!

- Those who believe that a dog, cat, etc., is better because it is of "breed."

- Those who do not buy clothes if it is not from a recognized designer.

- Those who feel more than others simply by bringing an iPhone 6.

- Those who spend it taking 237 selfies a day and all the same.

- Those who dare to go out with the ex best friend.

- Those who pretend their accent and speak like “strawberries”.

- Those who want, rather, demand, to be paid everything for how "beautiful" they are.

- Those who do not dare to get on public transport thinking that this is for "nacos and poor".

- Those who always want you to be there for them, but they never support you when you need it.

- Those that if you are going to have a coffee with them, instead of talking about their life or hearing about yours, they spend it seeing who tagged them in photos and never pay attention to you.

- Those who spend it screaming like little girls for anything or when they find out about a gossip.

- Feminazis.

- Those who live it depressed because every week they end up with the boyfriend and for more advice you give them, they never listen to you.

- Those who are only your “friends” because you have a car.

- The ones you criticize as you saw, the books you read, the things you publish, even the TV series you watch!

- Those who feel celebrities and publish things outside their reality on social networks.

- Those who want to get into all your personal affairs without you asking them.

- Those who borrow accessories or clothes and never return them.

- Those who feel Princesses from a magical story and want their mother to always do everything to them. Wash your clothes, make them eat, etc.

- Those who cannot accept that they were wrong and always want to blame you for their mistakes.

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