5 classes of unfaithful boyfriends that will try to link you

I know it is not right to say that all men are equal but let's be honest, how many times have you been when a boy you meet at a party, a bar or a network, it turns out that he already has a girlfriend. We agree that more than once has happened to us, right?

That's why here we give you the 5 types of unfaithful boyfriends that will try to link you:


They never see each other, however when you manage to go out with him he tells you that you are the prettiest girl in the world, he gives you details, the moon goes down, the stars and you love it. But attentive girls, this guy is too good at what he does. He can only see you one day during the week because the other days he has to work, study, travel, go out with his family, he has a very heavy exam and a million more excuses. And even if you don't want to see it, you know what happens, but their compliments beat their lies and you fall back into their weekly meetings.

The enamored one

This boy lives in love with love. He has a girlfriend and he loves her madly, he gives everything for her but he can't help being attracted to other girls. So he lasts a few months with his girlfriend until he finds another girl that interests him more, and the cycle repeats infinitely. This is the kind of men who would leave his girlfriend for you, but soon he will leave you for another and your heart broken.

The cunning

He who has a girlfriend and tells you. This case is very common, it approaches you, they talk for a while, they know each other and in an impulse it tells you: "I have a girlfriend". Think that because he told you it is better than the other men who cheat and hide his girlfriend. Now it is the girl's decision to enter the game or not; It should be clarified that you will never be able to claim because he does not send you a message or calls you, he clarified you at first.

The repentant

We meet him at the club, bar or party; We are already kissing with the boy, his hand walks everywhere, suddenly you feel a push and moves away from you claiming "Sorry, I have a girlfriend, we can do nothing." At the end of the night you realize that you were wasting your time.

He breaks and comes back

This guy is going to deny his girlfriend until death. As it happens, just yesterday Friday they finished, so today Saturday is single and can do whatever he wants and give himself a chance with anyone. I guess it is one of the most common and we know what this is going to end in less than two days, the boy will be calling his girlfriend to apologize and they will be dating again.

And what have you encountered?

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