Things you deserve the next time you fall in love

We have all suffered disappointments in matters of love, and sometimes that makes us feel that we do not deserve something fabulous, someone who meets all our expectations and we end up complying with very little. But that doesn't have to be that way. The next time you fall in love remember that you deserve all the things that I will tell you next.

You deserve someone who knows how to listen to you

That he take into account those small details that you mention when speaking and that not everything important is related to what he does or does not do. You don't deserve someone who makes you feel less than him.

You deserve a person to team up with you

It is horrible to be in a relationship and feel that the only one that puts you on your side is you, I know, and you don't deserve that. You need someone to go hand in hand with you and know that you can count on him in the most difficult moments. Someone who doesn't leave you alone.

You deserve details

I don't talk about material things, I talk about those little details that make women see how much we care about a man. Things like accompanying us to a job interview, going to dinner and not spending it watching the cell phone or a good morning call telling us that they miss us.

You deserve someone who when it makes you cry, just be happy

And not because of doubts or deceptions.

You deserve someone who is not fickle with you

A person that you can trust and that does not make you live in constant stress because of not knowing with what humor dawned.

You deserve a person who respects your space, your passions and your friends

Do not let someone take this away from you, your activity and the people you love in life are your pillars so you can also feel safe, full and happy.

You deserve someone who trusts you

Someone who does not doubt what you are saying and who knows that you would be the only person in the world who will never tell a lie.

You deserve a person with emotions

That he knows how to express his feelings and that if he is happy, share that joy with you, as well as in sad days, also know that he can cry at your side.

You deserve someone to talk to you pretty

Let him tell you phrases like: 'You look beautiful', 'I love your smile' or 'I love you to be intelligent'.

You deserve someone to be proud of you

So clear.

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