Outfits for school that only Timberland will give you

One of the most complicated parts when choosing the outfit that we will wear to school is the choice of shoes. And we always want to be comfortable but that does not reduce the presence of clothing and we are never 100% satisfied in our choice.

For that there are Timberland boots, so that never happens again. They look good with all kinds of clothes and style and are also extra comfortable. Check out some looks you might be wearing at school.

Jeans, sweatshirt, hats and your boots. You don't need to look great.

If you don't know how to give color and presence to a completely white look, these boots will solve it for you.

They are ideal in rainy and cold weather, as they are waterproof and keep your feet dry and warm.

You don't need to break your head to combine them. Even the simplest is good.

An all black look is fair and necessary to go to school.

You can also go pants without seeing fodonga.

You will not waste more time in the morning trying to decide what to wear, these boots make it super simple.

Take out your plaid shirts now!

Once you take them to school you will never leave them at home.

Even your leggings won't find a better match.

They also work for the days when you want to look extra cute.

Your dresses have to go to school with you this way.

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