5 Things you should know to start running

2017 is just around the corner, and with it come many purposes full of energy and enthusiasm for which we must work hard to make them come true.

One that many girls have, but very rarely we get, is to start an exercise routine that really helps us achieve that figure that we dream about every day. The problem is that most of the time we leave this inspiration aside for not having a tool that motivates us every day to not leave this routine, but from today that changes thanks to the magnificent Nike + Run Club app

This app, in addition to giving you tips and helping you to have absolute control over your goals, helps you create careers that will help you burn all those extra calories you bring faster.

Inspired by this useful tool, we want to give you five tips that you should know before starting to run and that will help you not to leave your goal halfway. Surely they will help you!

Use only tennis for running

The tread, strength and movement when you run is very different from what you take when you walk. Tennis shoes created for running as well as increasing your performance and making you feel lighter, will take care of your muscles and prevent you from having an undesirable injury.

Depending on the intensity of your career, it should be the drink with which you have to hydrate

If your career is high performance, you will need to drink drinks with electrolytes, if your training is not so hard, it will be enough with pure water (not sugary drinks).

Something really important and that not many know, is that the ideal is to drink at least half a liter 2 hours before starting your exercise so that your body is optimal to complete your training. During and after you should also hydrate so that your body functions properly.

A playlist will be your best career partner

Inside of Nike + Run app you will find playlists that will really motivate you to exploit all that energy explosively even in moments when you feel that you can no longer.

Keeping track of all your steps is essential to achieve the best results

Running without keeping track of time, km traveled, etc ... It's like running without knowing the route and without knowing if there is a goal. With the smart tools of the app you will not have to do anything else, more than worrying about clearing your mind and thinking about giving your maximum during your career.

It's you vs you

During the process of changing to this fitness lifestyle, there will be days when your worst enemy is yourself. That is why it will be important for you to be mentalized that every time that "I can't" thought comes to you, you yourself are able to eliminate it and show yourself of everything you are capable of achieving. Breaking down all those walls that have limited you for years, will only depend on yourself.

With these simple tips and the app Nike + Run Club, you have a great advantage to more easily achieve your goals. Once you comply, do not forget to share them with the entire community of runners through #Hashtags and photos to inspire others to get up, put on their best outfit for running and the best attitude to their next race. With this interactive option you can meet new friends from all over the world who share with you that winning mentality.

I remind you that the app is available for iOS Y Android

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