Things we love about men for no reason

Why we like all these things in a man is one of the greatest mysteries of the century. And they attract us all but we don't know how to explain why. It does not matter if the man in question is little or very attractive, if you do these things his handsome increases considerably and the butterflies begin to settle in our naughty belly.

With a beanie

Ahh the winter hats! They change the image of even the least graceful man. I do not know what they really have that they put it on and in automatic they look more handsome.

When they touch their chin

It doesn't matter if they have a chin or a woodcutter's beard. This simple hand movement should be called "the heartbreaker."

Open shirt

I don't mean men who only button up the last button on my king-style shirt, no! I mean those that leave one or two buttons open. It is like a magnet of looks, whether or not we are attracted.

Folded sleeves

Damn seductive sleeves! They are more effective than a perfume full of pheromones. When they are in a normal state, nothing happens, but as soon as they begin to bend something happens in our brain that we cannot control ourselves.


Not any beard should clarify. I mean those beautiful beards that grow in a dense and perfect way, which is well taken care of. It is impossible not to want to marry the man who owns it.


Also here it is necessary to clarify that there are tattoos to tattoos, because those where the mother was tattooed, the face of the children, some saint, horrible letters etc., are totally discarded. Everything else is welcome and more if they come in a little body like this.

Eyebrow and ear piercing

I once had a boyfriend who wasn't ugly but he wasn't a pimp either, and one day he had a pierced in his ear and another in his eyebrow. And as if by magic my eyes began to see him with more love.


They work just like the beanie, and regardless of whether they are ugly or made gods, the lenses make them more desirable.

When they run their hands through their hair

That's why men who put on a lot of gel are zero attractive, because they can't run their hands through their hair while casting their most killing look.


Here we must clarify that there are very few men who look handsome with a horsetail, most of them end up looking like a umpa lumpa. But if he's a handsome boy, this hairstyle makes him practically a god of Olympus.

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