Fringed garments that you should add to all your outfits

When we see garments with fringes we immediately flee from them because we believe they will make us look like cowboys from the old West. WTF? It is time to change the concept we have of that beautiful and versatile style. This year they will be with everything and it is time for us to shake off the prejudices and fear and add some of these garments to our wardrobe.

The trick not to wear hippie or as a cowgirl is to combine them with common and casual clothes.

It doesn't necessarily have to be clothes, look at this beautiful necklace.

If you love the boho style, then you cannot do without them, it is impossible.

The shoes look a thousand times sexier, and so if your dress is very simple it will solve the lack of glamor.

If you have little pompi and your hip is very small, you have to get a skirt full of fringes, it will give you the volume you need.

Obviously what would a scarf without fringes be? A simple piece of cloth without any joke.

If you want to go little by little, opt for fringes to be in your cardigan.

Or in your bag, so you will complement your look and you can remove it if you wish.

If you want to hide those little girls you won in December, such a blouse will be like your fairy godmother,

The fringes on the top of a bikini will give you more volume.

Video: DIY Fringe Dress - EASY FASHION HACK (April 2020).