Lower those cheeks by work and thanks from our Mr. Makeup

Large cheeks can be a real nuisance. For many girls, big cheeks are their characteristic and even their appeal, but not everyone likes them. This annoyance (for some) has a solution, because our pleasant and always kind makeup is with us so that we put our face at your disposal and he makes the best of it. And that's how he can help you hide the cachetitos.

Nude Lipsticks

Using a strong color on the lips could be counterproductive for your prominent cheeks. The reason is very simple, when the color of your lipstick approaches that of your lips, your mouth looks more elongated, balancing your features, that is, a thin face.


The bronzer can reduce your cheeks considerably, but applying a lot you will not achieve anything because the trick is knowing how to apply it. First you need a diagonal brush, then grab suntan with it, remove the excess and smile! That's right, when you smile at your cheeks they make a pair of little balls on the sides, your bronzer should go in the line under those balls.


The blush has almost the same function as the bronzer, because applying it under the balls of the smile thins your cheeks. In addition, you can also apply the blush on the jaw line and the corners of the forehead, not only to reduce your cheeks, but to profile and thin your entire face.

Most charged eyes

Raising your eyes tone, using eyeliner, shadows and even mascara, it can be of great help, because when we emphasize our look, the effect on your "inverted triangle" face is created, which is equivalent to less cheeks. Besides, with your nude lips you will make the perfect harmony and all the attention will go to your eyes.

Prominent eyebrow

As we said, the eyes that attract attention create the effect of smaller cheeks, so a good trick to accentuate that area is to have a thick eyebrow, I do not say that you neglect it and leave a uniceja, but try to have a Natural thickness would not be bad.


Contouring the face is the best trick to lose weight, because with the contour you can refine your facial features. What you need is a pair of concealers, place the dark one under the cheekbones, on the jaw line, on the forehead and on the nostrils; and place the clearing on the cheekbone bone, under the arch of the eyebrow and in the middle of the nose.

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