Tricks to lighten your makeup if you chose the wrong tone

It usually happens that our skin tone is one and we end up buying makeup in another tone, because with the rush we do not look well or there are even girls who ignore the fact that our skin changes color according to the season.

That is why it is extremely important to go to a cosmetics store where you can try on the different shades to know which one suits you. In case you have already watered it, we leave you some tips to clarify your makeup and thus avoid a catastrophe.

With cream

To clarify your base, you just have to mix a little of the base with a little of your moisturizer (without color) until leaving a homogeneous mass. You have to do it before applying makeup, do not go to stir everything in a jerk, because you could ruin it.

With another base

If you do not want to waste your base, you can buy another makeup base, but some lighter shades than yours, so little by little you will mix both bases to reach the tone you are looking for.

With cornstarch

I don't know what this brand is called in other countries, but cornstarch is fine cornmeal. You just have to slowly add natural cornstarch into your powder until you reach the tone you are looking for. This will even help you not to grease your face so quickly.

With another translucent powder

If your powder makeup is hard, the first thing you should do is crush it until it is completely powder, add translucent powder without color until you reach the tone you want, pour a few drops of alcohol to make a paste, crush with a napkin and wait for a day until it dries.

Rinse your skin tone with other makeup

Many may not understand the concept of using makeup to clarify other makeup, but we explain it to them; For example, if your liquid base is a little darker than your tone, use a lighter powder or vice versa.

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