Perfect shoes for the club if you hate wearing heels

Going in the club can be the most fun in the world, but if you hate heels as much as I do, it will always seem like a bad experience, because when you wear heels and you are not used to it, you will not dance all night, you will end up in pain and not even talk about the ridiculous That you'll see yourself walking like a thorn cat.

However, the fashion world has been responsible for creating many decent shoes without heels that you can wear to a club, without fear of being banned from entering, as you will continue to look fantastic and enjoy a good night of dancing and fun.

If you feel that the flats are too simple to take them to the club, use their lace up version. They will give you the same sensuality as some heels but without suffering.

These shoes that are a kind of hybrids, a mixture between stilettos and flats. You can wear them with pants, dresses and skirts, you will look elegant and beautiful.

The ankle boots can also go with you. If you add a leather jacket you will be more than ready.

There are many clubs that you cannot enter with tennis, so if you go to a more relaxed bar, you could opt for such a look.

Espadrilles are misunderstood shoes that will benefit any outfit you choose to go out at night with friends.

Most sandals are suitable for a night of drinks: Put on that dress breaks hearts and your favorite sandals.

The combat boots are divine with short dresses, a style that any club will appreciate.

Gladiator sandals are the most sensual thing in the universe, nor do heels achieve that effect on your legs.

Moccasins can also go with you to dance.

If you want something that makes you tall but does not destroy your feet, opt for platforms.

Platform loafers are the cherry of the cake you are looking for your outfit outfit.

You can also find billflies.

Imagine yourself with these shoes and your prettiest dress Try it! Leave your heels at home, go out and have fun, you don't have to suffer.

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