Tender tattoos to spoil your inner child

It is not necessary or mandatory that tattoos have meaning. It is enough that we like a design, it catches us, it excites us or it brings us some emotion when seeing them. So if you just want to pamper yourself, take advantage of these designs to also look good with your inner child.

A tattoo that makes you smile in sad moments. A panda fulfills that task and more.

A little whale that reminds you that there is always hope.

Dinosaurs became extinct but your inner child did not.

Tender and sweet tattoos look beautiful regardless of their meaning, and they will never go out of style.

A beautiful and mischievous geometric stitch.

We all at some point believed in unicorns and it was fabulous.

Believing in things that you cannot verify keep your inner child alive.

A baby Groot why not?

We all grew up with this movie and it is a perfect piece to represent our beautiful childhood.

Because love is all that matters.

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