12 effective tricks to lose weight without exercise

Losing weight is not a simple task, I say it from my own experience. Even more when you are not used to exercise or have the motivation, money or space to be able to perform it correctly.

That is why since 6 months ago I started with a much healthier lifestyle than I was used to without going to the gym and today I want to give you these tips that have made me lose 8 Kg in this period. It will be your decision whether you want to follow them or not, I only give them to you as an anonymous friend who has been super benefited with them.

Start today and not tomorrow

If you see yourself in front of the mirror every day and you don't like how you should, what is the pretext then for not deciding to see you and feel better about yourself? May your reflection in the mirror be the motivation to begin the process of returning to your ideal weight.

Stop eating crap

There is no other, we must not put silly pretexts like "I'm sad" or "I just eat one and that's it", no! Forget about eating chocolates, french fries, street food, etc.

Don't get stuck at every meal

Eat small portions, it is not necessary to fill the plate with milanesas, French fries, etc.

Instead of frying with oil, roast and boil your food

Ex: If you plan to eat a steak, do not put oil on it. If you want to make some potatoes, make them baked or steamed.

Take photos every week of your process

It is an excellent option to motivate you week by week. Only you will know if you fail yourself or not.

Choose a day of the week where you only eat with raw vegan recipes

If you do not know what the raw vegan diet is, I highly recommend Google. At first it is difficult, but it gives impressive results! Besides that you can find hundreds of recipes that you will love. If you like it you can increase the number of days in which you apply this diet.

Pay attention to the amount of sugar you are consuming per day

Remember that all sodas, flavored waters, snacks, desserts, ice cream, frappes (starbucks), etc ... They have huge amounts of sugar and this ends up being the cause of many diseases, in addition to being overweight.

Do not drink anything other than simple water

It's that simple, don't make excuses.

When you have a craving for something, choose sushi

If you are going to see a movie in your house, or you have a craving for something. Choose sushi, it is the best option to eat something rich and healthy.

When you go to the supermarket, choose foods that do not have saturated fats!

Look for the nutritional information on the packaging.

Eat fewer calories than you burn per day

The body burns between 1200 and 2000 calories on average on its own per day (depending on how much you walk to go to school, work, etc.). I recommend you go with a nutritionist to help you and give you better information about your body and how many calories you can consume per day depending on your weight and height.

Start with small goals

Do not go crazy from the beginning and say: "I will lose 10 kg in a month", because you will not get it.

For example, you could set the first goal to lose 1kg the first month. And so on.

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