What was Bebeshita doing in this picture?

We know that celebrities now share everything that happens in their lives through stories on Instagram, but even for the most communicative celebrity there is a limit. And this is something that no one has said to 'La Bebeshita', who seems to have no shame in sharing with her followers when she goes to the bathroom and even when she is in quite private moments that should not be shared.

It turns out that Daniela (her real name, if you were in doubt), shared a photo in her stories where a boy appears lying on the bed, but that is not alarming, but if you look closely, she is on top of the.

The photo has no explanation, so we assume that 'La Bebeshita' wants us to let the imagination fly and we discover what we were doing while taking the photo. We assumed that he intended to take a picture in the style of Tumblr, but the result came out without much class.

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