Looks to start the year wanting to fulfill your purposes

There is a type of psychology that, in short, speaks that the mind can do many things on the body. A clear example is when we dress with something we like and immediately feel better. This year we propose to finish your purposes! How? Using this psychology with the following looks.

A completely different look will make you feel like someone else. Obvious for good. Because you will continue to be yourself in a version in which you keep everything you promise.

If you set out to go better in college or get that position you've always wanted, use a professional look! Because using it you will strive a little more to be more focused and organized.

For girls who wore red pantyhose in the new year, the solution is to use a more arranged look. So you take time ironing shirts or choosing accessories.

Maybe last year you did not have as much fun as you wanted, but with this look of a rebel girl you will dare to many things. Well, the "bad girl" outfits give you a little more guts.

Those who had a stressful year, I think that this year they should wear the "I'm all good" shirt. Not literal, but if a look how to relax and put you in good ...

... because even if you don't believe it, wearing a comfortable outfit (but pretty obvious) puts you in a comfort zone all day, so almost nothing will make you sick.

Outfits that are one size smaller than yours will motivate you enough to take better care of your diet. Well, you'll die for wearing those lovely pants you bought.

A careless look will be perfect for your purpose of not being carried away by what others say. It's like slapping your classmates or aunts with white gloves that all the time tell you what to do or how to dress.

With a cute but comfortable outfit sport you will feel completely ready. For now, exercise! I know we say it every year, but I wouldn't waste to wear this sporty look.

A super sexy and sensual dress will be your secret weapon for all your purposes: eat well, exercise, strive for my image, buy beautiful things, have more confidence, etc.

Video: How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes. Adam Leipzig. TEDxMalibu (April 2020).