Books that we all love and that this year will be movies

Many book lovers hate being turned into movies. They should not malvibrate, there are many pros of the situation. We can see if the characters look like the ones we imagined, compare the story and even find topic of conversation with the friends who are movie fans.

If I already convinced you, I have good news, because the following books will be on the bill this year. And if you have not read them, take advantage before the movie comes out!

Two meters from you

This book was perfect for the girls who love drama and romance. Try two young lovers. The problem is that their doctors don't let them be together because of their illness; so they break a series of rules to be.

despues de

The book is inspired by One Direction and more by Harry Styles. Everything unfolds around Tessa, who is stable and orderly, her world changes when she meets Hardin, the bad boy par excellence ... you can't imagine what happens.

The Sun is Also a Star

It's hard to find it in Spanish, but there is! The truth is very emotional and with great social significance. It is about Natasha and her family who will be deported from NYC to Jamaica, everything gets complicated when she falls in love with Daniel, another son of Korean immigrants.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

It goes from a group of teenagers solving a wave of terrifying deaths. And for lovers of the horror genre, I have news for you! Guillermo del Toro will direct it! So let's be calm because, if it's monsters and drama, it's great.

Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet

You find this novel only in English but it is worth the effort to read it. It's about a girl who discovers her power of premonition. Everything is going great until he expects that one of his friends will die.

Little Women

A super classic and already represented in several films! It will again be in everyone's eyes! But this time with a great cast, just hearing that the protagonists will be Emma Watson, Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen and Timothée Chalamet I get the skin chinita.

P.S. I still love you

If you loved the book or the movie "All the boys I fell in love with" I have great news, because the second part of the trilogy will be on screen this year. The drama and romance of these characters will follow, with the odd extra.

Knife in hand

We know that books with trilogy are the coolest and this movie is the beginning of one. I summarize: in a city there is a rare germ that makes everyone listen to the thoughts, making this an endless noise ... until the young protagonist flees from everyone and discovers a secret.

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