Eiza González revealed on Instagram the strongest of her secrets

“The last year of my life has been one of the most difficult. I had an accident while working, I ended up in the hospital with a fractured double clavicle, I was alone and away from home. I kept it a secret for many reasons. I had so much to lose, including the GREAT LIFE of changing jobs. I had been preparing physically for them and could not even feed or shower. At a very crucial moment I was completely still. I tried so hard to save everything, I traveled around the injured world to lose nothing, I struggled to keep my schedule the same, time was not on my side now with recovery, I even danced without anyone knowing, I was panicking. I tried so hard, SO HARD but my body was out of my control and I had to accept it. Eventually I lost everything I had been killing for the past year. All. I had never felt so weak and defeated, both physically and mentally. I felt so lost. I share this not to feel bad for me but to share how this can make you stronger. SURRENDER. I had to ACCEPT the fact that everything was gone while I was lying in a bed for months. The broken bone was a metaphor, it broke me completely. But the biggest battle was fighting with my mind. The hardest thing was not to fall into depression. I am so hard on myself. I NEVER give myself a little slack. But after months of recovery. Instead of focusing on what I lost, all I want to do is congratulate myself for being strong enough and giving everything I had, EVERY moment and achieving what I could. I accomplished a lot, even if I still can't see it. We can be very hard on ourselves and we never stop and love each other for giving our maximum. Our minds can be a dark place. It takes a lot to not let us drown. I was never more aware of how blessed I am to be healthy and alive. I admire every person who fights for their mental and physical health every day. I have a lot of respect. This year, I'm starting from scratch. I am stronger than ever. AND YOU TOO. NOTHING is stronger than a broken person who rebuilds himself. You can start over. Share your story to help others. YOU'RE NOT ALONE."

It was the hard and revealing message with which Eiza González revealed a secret that she kept hidden for months. We hope that you can soon stand up completely and that new and better projects will spurt at your door.