10 Strong confessions of a famous Youtuber

As many of you can imagine, during these 13 years of Eslamoda, we have been fortunate to meet many influencers who today are among the most famous elite on YouTube and Instagram. That is why we asked one of them (which we know is not having a good time), to be honest with us so that, you know what happens "behind the scenes."

For obvious reasons he asked us not to say his name, so let's respect that decision.

When reading them I ask you to put yourself in their place and imagine how you would feel in their situation.

Illustrative image It is not the Youtuber of this post.

The stress of not knowing what to publish day by day is running out

Youtubers are afraid of being "forgotten" if we stop publishing even one day. And if we add to this whether we want it or not, the ideas start to run out, it makes it even more complicated and stressful.

Our partners demand us too much and our contracts are totally exhaustive and demanding. Everything is very complicated ... even more so for our brain and mood.

The obsession to share absolutely everything we do in stories is exhausting

I don't lie, I don't know how to live without my cell phone in my hand. I feel the need to want to publish stories until when I go to the bathroom ... sad but true.

The more followers grow, the more anxiety I have

I feel a great responsibility that I never thought to face.

I hate not being able to go out without people bothering me

I can not go to the movies or shopping because of how tired it is to have to take dozens of photos with "followers" every time they recognize me. I'm not always good and I still have to pretend. I prefer to stay at home.

Putting my face on "happiness" and that "everything is fine" is tired

Although you see me "happy and good" every day, there are many problems behind my head. There are times that I only want to cry, but still I have to put on makeup and put on my best face and attitude ... minimum in what I recorded the video.

The stalkers cause me a lot of fear

Already go as 3 people who come to leave me "gifts" that alarm me. The most worrying thing is that I don't know how they knew what my address was. Sometimes I can't sleep because of the paranoia that causes me to do something.

The money I have earned (a lot) has also caused my family to see me as a magical source of resources

My goal is to be honest, and this confession is one that hurts me the most, because it is the truth. My family, since I began to find out the amount of money I earn, began to demand too many things (as if it was my obligation to give them money), in fact I feel that my relationship with them has been broken without any remedy.

My self-esteem has gone down because I don't know who I am anymore

When the stage of the stories began, something happened that in front of the camera I began to “act” with another personality that I know I don't have. The problem is that today I feel like I'm two different people in one. It's very complicated.

Views become a type of drug

I live obsessed and start having panic attacks if I see that my new video has no more views and likes than the past.

Sometimes I wonder if people really care about me or if they only see me as someone of no importance

What would happen if today I decided to close my channel? Would anyone care or not?

Anyway, I hope this can help you clarify your minds a little better and understand what this world of being "famous" in networks is like. With all the past, I do not mean that I do not have a life with many advantages, however, I still do not know how much it is worth sacrificing some things for others.

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