Looks that your legs that miss the sun want to wear

The cold is not something that bothers many girls, but something that bothers many legs. Because they spend many days without sunbathing, we forget their aesthetics and even miss showing off. The good news, for them, is that soon the heat will motivate us several looks so that at last! They can breathe and go for a walk like the goddesses they are.

The short will become part of your daily looks, so try using original shorts. They can be with prints, folds or even a rare color, so that your legs lead your looks.

Now that you will start using shorts again, why not try another style? If you always wanted to look more rebellious and attractive try to combine your shorts with Dr Martens boots with sloppy blouses.

A shirt as a dress will be a great respite for your legs, it is as if you are wearing pajamas in the street. Trust that it will not look bad, on the contrary, you will look more beautiful and comfortable with you.

Your dresses, like your legs, are also dying to leave. Kill two birds with one stone wearing a short dress that lets your legs sunbathe all day.

If you feel that your legs must first adapt to the outside, to see if they endure the cold; You can start with a maxi skirt with opening, so they can breathe but without feeling so complex.

A short / denim skirt will be your perfect excuse for the "I have nothing to wear" let your legs go out to dazzle the street. Well, we all know denim, combine with everything!

Short jumpers are always a good option. Why? Because you should not combine anything else with your footwear, you acintate, look good anywhere, outline your curves and get everyone's attention.

Now your office sets can be combined with shorts or skirts. Do not think that this is why you will look more casual, on the contrary, this look looks more chic than you imagineā€¦

... you can even wear semi-formal dresses to work. The point is to wear a formal one, but that doesn't seem like partying. Sounds difficult, but think of a dress you would wear at a normal party, such as a birthday, christening, and so on.

Obviously the skirts could not be missing in the looks that your legs miss. Try to look for skirts with chic and waist designs. So you can take her to work, club, parties, shopping or even to leave without any reason.

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