Bachelorette parties in case your BFF can't go to the beach

For many, the ideal bachelorette party is on the beach. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford that luxury. Whether for working / studying, caring for children, having little money or for any other reason, the trip is impossible to make! Don't worry girl, there are more ways to spend one last adventure with your bffs being single.

Make a sleepover! Make a list of movies that you love, buy many popcorn, make some delicious cocktails and enjoy. It is a simple, economical and very sentimental plan

Go to a full night of revelry. Just go out and have fun like any weekend, only this time get up early (so to speak) and go to as many places as you want, until you see the sunrise!

Buy tickets for a concert, either outside or inside the city. This plan may cost you some pesos, but it is worth going to sing, dance and shout all together.

Go shopping, even if this plan sounds boring. It isn't with your bffs! You can buy lingerie for the honeymoon, even stop for a few drinks at a place in the mall.

They camp in a river, lagoon, forest or nearby place. It does not compare to the beach, but it will give them their space to “say goodbye”. You will also laugh at how clumsy some friends can become.

Organize a small party. It is the duty of the bridesmaids to have a good time, they can organize to make a small party, with class, drinks, rich food ... and a striper.

Have fun in a park of mechanical, thematic or aquatic games. Get all that adrenaline out of the wedding screaming and playing. Serve and meet handsome boys who are hiking.

What better to relax than going to a Spa? It is perfect to gossip, rest and get pretty for the party.

Rest a day of the diet. They have already done enough diet to get into the dresses, organize a day to buy as much frying, soda, candy or bread they want And watch their favorite Netflix series!

Rent a private pool. If the beach was your thing, the closest thing is to rent a cabin or palapa with a private pool. So they can eat, drink, dance, play and even hire a striper without problems.