As a child Kimberly Loaiza was the prettiest little girl

Although Kimberly Loaiza tries to keep her family very separate from her public life, the Youtuber could not resist and influenced by the energy of Father's Day, she shared a beautiful home video from many years ago, where she goes dancing in the arms of his father.

In this video we can see her turned into a whole little girl, with a hat and the whole thing. To see that it was not always reggaetonera, Kimberly has a past in the music of Banda, and do not doubt that one day I will return to him.

@KimberlyLoaiza_ being a good northern since childhood 🤠 pic.twitter.com/FuYgCHUZLo

- Celebs Stories (@Psico_Estefany) June 17, 2019

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